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Guest Host

From Grand Openings to launch parties or host a tv show segment, Mimi will keep your event or show alive.


MiMi main topics in speaking are:
*Social Media for businesses
*How to start a personal or business blog
*How to use storytelling to promote on your social media
*The Art of Networking

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassador projects:
*Tequila Honor
*Carolina Bikinis
*Bella Tera Cosmetics

Instagram/Snapchat Takeover

MiMi's storytelling skill are excellent for your brand's or event's Snapchat or Instagram Stories. She will set up a storyline first with you before taking over.
Once the Takeover is complete, Mimi will deliver an edit video for you to use for your social media to post.
For samples visit:


Consultation Topics:
*Start up business
*Social Media Management
*Content Creation for social media
*Storytelling Strategies

Content Creator

Need help with ideas to give your blog or business a boost?

Need a Mentor?

If you need help with mentoring or coaching in regards to:
*Storytelling for your brand
Hire MiMi to help bring easy to your anxiety with your concern.

Product Review

Have a product or service you want Mimi to try and review?
You MUST provide a FREE sample or provide a FREE service for Mimi to review and post on her social media.
You will receive:
1 Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat post. Mimi will also provide pictures and video clips of her trying your product or service for your to also post on your social media.

Featured Post

What you receive if you want your product or service to be featured on her blog:
* 1 Blog post
* 1 Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat story post.
* 5 pictures of Mimi trying your product or service
* 1 minute video clips of her trying your product or service
* Facebook or Instagram ads (daily or a week will be determined by client and a budget
will be discussed)

For more info on quotes to hire MiMi email or call 305-707-8035  Download MiMi’s Media Kit HERE.

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